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With the installation of the Kelderman 2-Stage Front Air Suspension, your leaf springs are retained, but they are reversed during the installation of our air ride framework. This combination of leaf spring and air ride suspension results in a dramatic improvement in ride quality. This kit will also include Ranch 9000 adjustable The leaf spring suspension we see in many muscle cars is called a semi-elliptical leaf spring arrangemen t, meaning there’s one spring on each side and not two connected to each other to form a complete circle. Leaf springs actually date back to medieval times — that’s how old the technology is — but these days, trucks are the only late ... Cons of HD Leaf Springs. The truck will ride rougher, especially when unloaded. Spring price will be higher. Yes, in most cases you can upgrade to a heavier OEM spring or even to an aftermarket HD designated spring that will be stronger than any offered originally on your vehicle.