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Jan 01, 2009 · Exhaust Sound Level Compliance. Does my exhaust system comply with the law? All Racing Beat "cat-back" exhaust systems and/or replacement mufflers intended for street use are designed to comply with the California imposed 95-db limit under Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) test procedure J1169. Hydraulic roller camshaft M-6250-F303, .528'' lift intake and exhaust, duration at .050" is 226 degrees intake and exhaust Double roller timing chain set M-6268-A302; High-performance 7 quart rear sump circle track oil pan Ford Performance aluminum "Z" cylinder heads M-6049-Z304DA with 2.02" intake valves and 1.60" exhaust valves Boso Exhaust. 2010-04-15 - Poster: Jesus Christ - Category: Downloads / Street Legal Racing / Exhaust (7) This is My Boso Exhaust Pack. Theirs 10 Pipes that are all very well made (8 by Me, 2 By Rolts)