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Replacing the pump refers to the rather complicated dishwasher repair works. So, evaluate your capabilities before you start disassembling the equipment. Before replacing the drain pump, it is better to check a loop on the supply voltage of the wire. I've recently had to take my Bosch dishwasher apart to replace the heater element assembly. This involved disconnecting and refitting the sump assembly, circulation motor, drain pump, some internal piping etc. The dishwasher now works fine however every now and then it makes a moan similar to the sound of a fog horn. Measured from one metre away from and one metre above the dishwasher, which is placed within cabinetry. The noise level varies depending on kitchen layout, but our reading gives a comparative measure. For reference, a normal conversation is around 60dB and a whisper is between 20 and 30dB. A difference of 3dB is noticeable to the human ear.