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It describes how you can set up the cocoapods-binary plugin to precompile your dependencies which dramatically reduces the amount of time Xcode needs to build your app. In two small-to-medium sized apps with 5-10 dependencies I saw upto 10x improvements. A clean build (with nuked derived data) going from about 90 seconds down to 9. 🤯🤯🤯 The vast majority of developers and Xcode users will download the Xcode application suite from the Mac App Store, but that’s not the only option available to download Xcode, and if you’d rather download Xcode as a DMG or XIP file directly from Apple, then those options. More than you ever wanted to know™ This is not an official Apple website. 2015-01-16 Brent Fulgham [Mac] Correct infinite loop in Wheel Handler code in EventHandlerMac When border-radius is ...