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A great feature of this resource is that players can configure the consumption rate of the fuel as well as the refueling rate. This gives the players an edge as they can customize it to their exact requirements. The acceleration, as well as the maximum torque of the vehicle, will also influence the rate of fuel consumption. Police Vehicles About FivePD FivePD is a unique FiveM game mode made by GTAPoliceMods Development Studios, where players play as a law enforcement officer within a FiveM server that has the FivePD game mode. Development for FivePD was first started in December of 2019 by Natixco and Daniel K.How to Install FivePD Download the latest version of the FivePD resource. Upload the folder into your server using an SFTP browser. Run the query of the SQL file provided in the server's database. In the config.json that is in the resource, change the default connection details to your server's database connection details. Go to […]Nov 06, 2018 · Categories Uncategorized Tags Configuration, FIVEM, Hosting, installation, Resource, Server Post navigation. Previous Post Previous Cheaterzy w GTA Online #6.