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Jan 21, 2019 · So, one long blink and stop Is it code 1 or 10 ? Ines on March 14, 2019: Code 25 Honda accord lx 95. Dermot on January 14, 2019: I’ve got solid light come on after 8sec check engine light. shripad on November 15, 2018: are these code same for Honda city type Z India. Nadim on October 23, 2018: I got code 45 and 112 for honda accord 1995 These tools can take the guesswork out of reading and clearing Check Engine light codes on most models. Keep in mind that vehicles made since 1996 require an OBD-II reader, but some scan tools are able to read both OBD and OBD-II codes. O'Reilly Auto carries OBD scan tools and code readers to help make your diagnosis easier.