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Jun 20, 2018 · Reclaimed wood logs make stunning candle holders giving the decor a rustic and natural touch. Add some pretty tealight candles and add an aesthetic touch to your interiors. Enhance the ambiance of your house and make the best log candle holders at no extra cost. Upcycling wooden logs[…] Source: A candle I had seen on etsy was this inspiration. Supplies: 2 candles from the dollar store or any other votives you may have - I like using the vanilla-scented ones. some coffee beans, amount depends on how big your container is and how big your candle is - a handful was enough for mine. We will make beeswax candles and also rapeseed wax candles later this week, so there’s more supplies to come. I agree with the no-palm oil statement, even with organic palm oil is hard to verify the organic.