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二叉树的遍历 二叉树的递归式遍历和迭代式遍历都只需要渐进的时间复杂度,相对而言,前者更加简明,但时间和空间复杂度的常系数相对迭代式更大。 先序遍历 递归式 #include <vector> using namespace std; // Definition fo... Mpesa is a safer, easier way to send and receive money using your mobile phone. When you select Lipa Na Mpesa as the payment method, our system will send a STK Push notification which will initialize Lipa Na Mpesa on your phone with the exact amount on your shopping cart.You will just enter your PIN to authorize for the payment. This is a new feature designed and developed to provide a more stable integration approach to the existing Lipa na M-Pesa API (LnM)/STK Push for merchants or developers having or making online systems that need to integrate or are already integrated into Lipa na M-Pesa API. LnM/STK Push is known to have some issues especially with callbacks, thus this feature combines Lipa na M-Pesa API and C2B API to provide a double-edged approach to integrating into the M-Pesa C2B APIs.