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Based upon the thermochemical equation given, calculate the heat associated with the decomposition of 1.15 g of NO 2(g). N 2(g) + 2 O 2(g)----> 2 NO 2(g) ΔH = +67.6 kJ . Example 2 Using the following thermochemical equation, calculate how much heat is associated with the decomposition of 4.00 moles of NH 4 Cl. Decomposition of all the nitrate esters followed a first-order rate law to a high degree of reaction (~90%). This is ascribed to homolytic cleavage of the RO-NO2linkage as the rate- determining step in the thermal decomposition. Jan 08, 2006 · For what it is worth, both silver oxide and aluminum oxide thermally decompose to the elements, but neither of these elemental metals are as reactive as potassium. A relatively quick Google search showed potassium oxide as common product of the thermal decompositon of other things, but the only thing I could find about heating potassium oxide ...