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3 Dell K17A001 WD15 Thunderbolt USB-C 4K Docking Station with 2 power adapters.. ... USB C Dual Monitor Docking Station for MacBook Pro Air, 4K Triple Display 13 Por ... dell-dock-wd15_users-guide. Uploaded by. 12 Troubleshooting the Dell Docking Station WD15 Symptoms and solutions NOTE: The Dell Docking Station WD15 only works with DisplayPort over USB-C or Thunderbolt protocols and is not compatible with Manual de Usuario Backbeat Pro Ug En.My new Dell XPS 13 9350 and WD15 dock, purchased directly from Dell, arrived this week and immediately exhibited the problems described above using the micro-display connector on the dock to a second monitor . Connecting the one convenient cable widths. I tested Dell WD 15 with my 2016 Macbook Pro 15. Dell WD15 USB-C Dock compatibility.